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Peter Walder

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Offbeat Sayings, or the Art of Wisdom by Trial and Error

Philosophy is quite often a bunch of stuff people in the past have thought about very carefully and deeply, and then written down. Very convoluted and complicated, this stuff that delves into the eternal verities of life, and people who are interested in it get together and nod very seriously about it all…

But doesn’t this miss the point? Philosophy is very simply just us, trying to work out how best to live our lives. Through our life experiences, we gather bits and pieces of wisdom, often just by the trial and error that defines our lives. In doing so, we are every one of us a philosopher, a lover of wisdom…

Hi. Pete here. [Waves cheerily] Thanks for honouring me with the gift of the time you take to read my words in this collection of my philosophical musings. I hope you get even just one chuckle or thoughtfully cocked eyebrow out of it…

This appears to be another book.

One of the best books Pete has ever written…

A bestseller. I’ve already bought the first copy.

This book isn’t for everyone.

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